How arrogant is this…

I was reading this an article about a new BYU player on Total Blue Sportrs
the article itself was a feel good story, but here is a quote in the heading of the article that I though was a bit over the top.

“Cougars continue to dominate on the football field, they will continue to claim first dibs on instate recruits, as well as the top LDS and non-LDS talent nationally. In other words, it’s only going up from here.”

Not sure what this writer is thinking in ‘continue to claim first dibs on instate recruits’ yes BYU has done better recently by getting their first winning record in 6 years, but before that they had one .500 record and then prior to that consecutive losing seasons. I understand this is coming from a local magazine, but still the arrogance coming from WE WILL HAVE THE BEST RECRUITS, this is crazy.

Just to let everyone know here I am a University of Utah graduate, and I am not bashing BYU just because, but saying they get top priority for recruits in state is just a bit much. Especially since over the past 5 years the best team in the state has been University of Utah, yes BYU did have a better season but that was a first in a while.

Any team in the conference would be offended by these comments.


2 Responses

  1. As a Cougar fan (one with a little more level-headed approach than most), I can tell you that people are just dang excited to have a winning team again. The above excerpt is the product of the release of years of frustration and waiting for someone to lead BYU back to respectability.

    I agree that’s a quite a bit over the top to say that BYU can claim first dibs on top non-LDS talent nationally. There’s no foundation to that at all. However, and fans of other schools won’t like to hear it–BYU has the inside track on in-state recruits and most out-of-state LDS recruits right now. They won’t get them all, of course, but BYU’s primary competition for recruits out west comes from BCS schools. Utah has managed to get some good talent and props to them for it, but Utah’s profile has slipped a bit since ’04. They’re going to have to really tear it up this year because the half-life of that Fiesta Bowl win has robbed it of some of its luster as far as recruiting goes.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing how both teams do this year. There’s a lot of unknowns coming in, and it will be exciting to see how things unfold. I’d like to see BYU and Utah playing for the league title in November.

  2. I think the edge is not that large when compared to Utah, plus saying ‘BYU’s primary competition for recruits out west comes from BCS schools’ is inaccurate I believe Utah is their biggest recruiting rival, before teams like Oregon, Arizona, etc… but I do agree on the LDS athletes BYU is the only LDS college with D-1 football.

    This year should be good for both, I think the Utes have a great eam with B. Johnson back but their schedule is brutal, but as for conference should be up there with TCU and BYU (who needs a proven QB to keep pace)

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