Local Games should be required

One thing I would like the conference to do better is for individual teams to play regional opponents that are out of conference. A few things this does to help build a rivalry and a game that the community can get excited about. I was checking out SportingNews.com and they had a good article about Air Force and University of Colorado trying to schedule each other. These games are good for the area and also when these games include ‘smaller’ conference because it can rise the conference profile if they win. Currently in the conference there are only a few local games against superior and inferior teams and/or conference. These games that have happened in the past few years and future games.

Utah Vs. Utah State This game has gone on I think 100 years and even though this is the opposite case that the Mountain West is the superior conference, the Utes had the opportunity to play a home and home with University of Texas, but the declined because of this historic rivalry.

BYU Vs. Utah State This game has only been played recently and from my understanding, I may be wrong, but BYU has not wanted to play Utah State.

University of Colorado Vs. Colorado State This game has been going on for the past few years with Colorado State winning quite a few of these.

Wyoming Vs. Boise State This is a brand new one and Wyoming was actually one of the stiffer opponents for Boise last year on their way to crashing the BCS and winning the Fiesta Bowl. This is tough for Wyoming because they are the only division one school in the area, so I guess this counts.

TCU Vs. Texas This a biggie for a few reasons. Everyone in Austin thinks nothing of this game because well it’s TCU and even if TCU were to some how go to the BCS they would still be the third best team behind Texas and Texas A&M, so these games are huge.

TCU Vs. Baylor This is similar to the Utah/BYU Vs. Utah State, but it is still good because of the proximity to the schools.

New Mexico Vs. New Mexico State See above comment

UNLV Vs. Nevada-Reno This game includes the only 2 Division One opponents in the state and Reno is an up and comer in football.

The only team in the conference that does not have these games are San Diego State, they do play good non conference games, but the only close ‘local’ teams are UCLA and USC, and those teams probably do not want to play San Diego State.


4 Responses

  1. Another advantage of playing regional contests is boosting your local profile for recruiting. That’s also a key reason that BYU doesn’t want to play USU. What does BYU have to gain from that? Not much. Utah doesn’t either, but since both are state schools it must give them a good enough reason to keep scheduling the Aggies.

    Aside from AFA/Colorado and the SDSU ones, what other regional match-ups is the MWC currently lacking that ought to be pursued? I’d like to see BYU/Boise State every few years (especially now that Crowton is gone!).

  2. I agree Boise St should try to play Utah or BYU every year or every other I know the Utes return a trip to Boise I think 2010.

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