People like me

Apparently this blog is getting some decent looks, because I am currently number 99 in the top 100 football sites,  yes you have to register to be considered, but this is pretty good recognition for being set up for only a week.


8 Responses

  1. How do you register for that? Congratulations, and welcome to The Hazean mock draft.

  2. go register your site at you can embed a link on your site, I cant here just because wordpress is pretty strict on what you can put on, plus I am using the free version. But even if you dont add a link it still can calculate statistics.

  3. Fan Prophet, I did it for our main page and the damn thing isn’t working after the first day..

    PS-I like you all

  4. […] MWC Football [July 3] People like this guy. […]

  5. Actually…I just looked and our There is NO Offseason site is ranked 70 something and the banner doesn’t even show up on our page.

  6. Weird…Your pic for the Top 100 is the default banner they give you there. You sure you used the right code?

  7. Congratulations. I’m signing up too 😀

  8. Looks like you’re number 78 now. Congrats.

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