Hazean mock draft: Round 1, Pick 3

The third pick now turns to The MWC Football the first 2 picks are LaDanian Tomlinson, and then Stephen Jackson which brings us to the third pick. Not wanting to pull a Minnesota Viking and miss their pick The MWC had the top players on their board scouted extensively once the order was announced.

The question is not what position to take, but which running back to take. The GM has the listed narrowed down to 3 running backs: Larry Johnson, Joseph Addai, and Frank Gore. People may question not having Shaun Alexander, but with his foot still not healed there is no way we want risk a pick this high on a potential injured player.

  • With the list set the coach goes through the list for one last analysis, he knows that Larry Johnson had the best year of the other 2 backs in consideration, and he has the potential to perhaps be number 2 back once the season is done. With LJ the QB situation is fuzzy with perhaps Brodie Croyle getting the nod over veteran Damon Huard even though Croyle has only thrown 7 NFL passes in the regular season, but if you listen to Herm LJ will be just ‘fine.’ I question that because an inexperienced quarterback who has trouble, does hand the ball off more, but that means the defense can stack the box.
  • This brings us to Frank Gore he came out of no where to have a great break out season last year. The 49ers have a great nucleus building with QB Alex Smith and TE Vernon Davis to balance the run and pass. Part of the success for Frank was because of Norv Turner, but he is gone now to San Diego to lead the Chargers, without Turner a potential set back could be on the way, but production should remain high.
  • This brings us to the Colts Joseph Addai, what more could this guy want he wins a Suberbowl ring in year one and now is the starter for a team that is loaded. Even being a back up last year Addai put of good numbers. This year being the main back he should be able to increase his production by getting more touches. A downside is that the Colts spread the ball around quite generously and this could dip into Addai’s numbers.

Whoa!! after analyzing one last time the clock is getting low. All of the fans at Radio City Music Hall are chanting “LARRY” “LARRY” for The MWC to make their newest member, and then I hear the joker who yellsl out “PICK GRANDMA MA” That was a good one.

The time has come I hand my card to the Commissioner ‘and with the third pick of the 2007 Hazen Mock Draft The MWC takes…

Joseph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts



25 Responses

  1. Nice write-up. I too think Addai has great potential, though I admit I’m a little surprised he came off the board before L.J.

    Good stuff,

  2. id rather take addai who I think wont have the problems LJ will have, potential hold out and terrible qb

  3. By the way, saw you moved up to 53. You’re getting close to page one! 😉

    I’m 81 right now, so I have some catch-up work to do!


  4. i noticed that, thanks. Im just upset I cant get the banner!!! I have emailed them and copied and pasted a few different times of the link, but I still get the star thing on my site

  5. There is some turmoil in KC; I hope it doesn’t get too out of hand (with the hold out).

  6. thanks man!!

  7. No problem. Where did you get that sidebar widget that shows the number of hits you got? (Just below your calendar)

  8. its an option under my sidebar widgets with wordpress. the site meter one that is by the top 100 can track your site with hits, you can start with your number of hits and it will keep counting for you from there

  9. I too use sitemeter. Thanks.

  10. I am shocked. Addai over LJ?!? Well, I like it. Nice pick!

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  16. NGPF has made its pick. Come check it out.

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