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Way too early bowl Projections

Here is fox sports and college football news way too early projections for bowl games. This list is all fun.

sdbowl.jpgSan Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Navy/At-Large
Way Too Early Projection: BYU vs. Navy
Top 5 Others Considered: 1. Utah, 2. Colorado State, 3. TCU, 4. New Mexico, 5. San Diego State

nmbowl.jpgNew Mexico Bowl
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. WAC
Way Too Early Projection: Air Force vs. Nevada
Top 5 Others Considered: 1. Fresno State, 2. San Jose State, 3. Colorado State, 4. Wyoming, 5. BYU

lvbo1.jpgPioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl
Tie-Ins: Mountain West No. 1 vs. Pac-10 No. 4
Way Too Early Projection: TCU vs. Arizona State
Top 5 Others Considered: 1. Oregon, 2. Oregon State, 3. Utah, 4. BYU, 5. Washington State

fw.jpgBell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10
Way Too Early Projection: Utah vs. Washington State
Top 5 Others Considered: 1. TCU, 2. Oregon State, 3. BYU, 4. Arizona State, 5. Oregon


4 Responses

  1. Wow, AF in a bowl game? I think Calhoun could surprise some people, but Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado St. should all be better than Air Force this season. I really can’t see the Falcons winning more than four or five games, and that’s if everything clicks. I think Wyoming gets the New Mexico Bowl. Coach Glenn has been doing a good job their and I think with Sween they finally have a QB who gives their offense some direction.

  2. I think it will take Air Force time to adjust to a new offense. Their situation is similar to Nebraska where it took them into their 3rd season to get the hang of it.

  3. AIR FORCE?????????

    Call me crazy, but I’ve got New Mexico appearing in that game. I’ve also got TCU in the BCS making a spot available for Wyoming to go to the Armed Forces Bowl.

    Yeah, Air Force is adjusting to a new offense and they have a bad defense. I can’t see them bowling this year.

  4. Eric, why do you see TCU in a BCS game?? I think they will be good, but the only reason they are getting discussion is because they play Texas. Texas is going to be ranked top 10 this year. TCU does have a great D, but they are breaking in a new QB with limited experience, and they lose one of their top RB’s. I dont see that happen and they will be neck and neck with Utah for the conference title.

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