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TCU 2006 Review Show

TCU was very close to having another classic season, they did go 10-2 with their only loses coming to BYU and Utah.



2 Responses

  1. Just moved to Utah from Phoenix and before I even signed up for Comcast I had 3 people tell me that even if I got the games…..that the camera work in 2006 for BYU FOOTBALL was so bad that I should probably just listen on the radio.

    I even have a relative at Comcast that validated the same…..struggling to get a good camera angle.

    I am officially sick and tired enough of the POOR Camera work by your crew. Consider a single voice worth 1000 people that don’t speak up but will complain to their buddies at church on Sunday about the bad camera work.

    The first half of the BYU UNLV Game is a perfect example of 6 plays at the very least where the camera man is fixated on the QB after he throws….nowhere near the receiver. HORRIBLE TERRIBLE LACK OF PROFESSIONAL. Each time the play begins it seems like we are watching from the Goodyear blimp we are so far out from the snap of the ball.

    You need to get some new high school kids running your cameras if you plan on support from the Fans. We pay money to COMCAST for just this…..Football coverage….I am a single fan but I represent thousands that are tired of the poor camera work.

    Get it fixed, get somone new, or hire a new network crew….you are past the point where you can blame the lack of professionalism on late notice that you “Just got the contract and were un-prepared with less than a full camera crew” This is the second or third Season

    Disgusted but hopeful things will improve soon

    Steven Frame

  2. Steven thanks for the comment, but not sure why you are using terms as ‘your crew’ I do not work for CSTV, The Mtn, or the Mountain West Conference. I have concerns as well I have DirecTv and cant get The Mtn. and I agree that the camera work is not all that great, plus games arent even in HD.

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