View? What View!!

newmexico.jpgPeople are complaining in Albuquerque where the University of New Mexico football program just finished their indoor practice facility. Neighbors are complaining of having the facility block their view. HELLO? what view you live in the freaking desert in New Mexico, however some of the valid complaints are the coaches yelling, swearing, whistles, and scoreboards waking them up at 6 am. The response from the football program is that it’s state land so we can do what we want, great words coach.


2 Responses

  1. To be fair, Albuquerque isn’t the Sahara. I mean, there is some beautiful country out there. Not to be rude, but I fly in and out of Salt Lake quite often, and some would argue there isn’t much of a view there either.

  2. If you fly in and out there is not much in slc. However if you actually live here there are some excellent views of the mountains, and I have been to New Mexico many times and its just flat

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