Ute game TV update

Today I was setting my tivo to watch the Utah vs. Oregon State which is on Fox Sports.  However I go to my TiVo and I live in Salt Lake City so it should be on Fox Sports Utah, and I go to record and it has some type of Home Classic game and NOT the Ute game.  I check on Fox Sports North West and the game is on there, however I don’t have the sports package and the game is blacked out in my area because of the area I live in.  So, I called Dish Network to ask what channel the game will be on and I told them where I live and all the details.  After being on the phone for about a half hour and the basically what the ‘agent’ could come up with is that the program guide is wrong?  WHAT!!!!  I will be pissed if this game is not shown in my area.  I work that night till 930 or 10pm and I want to TiVo the game and watch when I get home.  I hope the guide is incorrect and the game will record, so here is a heads up for those Dish Network Customers, and a side note I checked DirecTv’s guide and got the same programing as well.


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  1. Yeah, I’m sort of irritated as well. Usually, Dish Network has alternate FOX sports programming that doesn’t belong to a certain package and it’s out of my area.

    I figured the Utah/Oregon State game would be on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain or Fox Sports Northwest which I believe it is. However, I went to Thursday and the game wasn’t listed.

    Hopefully they will add it to one of the alternate sports channels 😦

  2. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I checked my listing on Comcast for Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and they had the Utah game listed at 8pm. I’m inclined to believe that the customer service guy you talked to was right when he said that the on-screen guide was wrong.

  3. Josh the odd thing is that I checked a DirecTv guide as well as the Dish guide and they both had the same programming. 2 things, it can be either wrong program info or it will be shown on Fox Sports NW and not be blacked out in the area.

  4. Either way all this licks nuts. It should be easy to watch the U game in the SLC area

  5. You guys gotta know that this is all about the Mountain west leadership being impotent and unable to make changes that the fans will buy I for one will not pay 69.00 to watch a gan\me that is riddled with commercials etc. this is a joke and the fans have to start doing something about it or they will be making the same kind of revenue for the sat companies that the pros do… the problem is these kids are laying at ataxpayer funded university and not getting paid squat, unless they survive the injuries. Some day will stop giving all our money to people who are dishonest, sat, companies, elite cable etc. We have the technology to broadcast this game on 100,000 channels or pods from a hundred views by people filming for free. but the money is the golden goose that now cost them a small fraction of what it used to cost the locals, yet it now costs a local fan 5x the cost of a ticket to a game that has been sold out. wait until the home game comes and they start to do the same thing $39-69 a game get real. The revenues are based upon what the market will bare, and about now we should all realize that our bare #&^)&&ses are blowin in the wind anybody feel a breaze.
    I am just as made that the BYU game will be broadcast on Saturday.

  6. Hey check out channel 646 on direct tv game looks like its gonna play pregame on now PAC 10 TV

  7. Ha, the only thing the mountain west conference is good at is skiing! Just kidding, yeah, Comcast is terrible when it comes to knowing what’s going on with the college sports.

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