Week 4 Basketball Power rankings

1. #22/#20 (7-2)They go 1-1 but should have been 2-0 when they had Michigan State on the ropes and let the game slip away.

2.(7-2) The Rebels went 2-0 this week and prepare for ranked Arizona next game.

3. (8-2) The Aztecs went 1-1 and their lone loss came against a good Saint Mary’s team in the Wooden Classic.

4. (8-2)  The team lost to New Mexico State which is an odd loss even though it was a rival.

5. (5-3) The Utes did crush Utah State who are a good team but then lost to ranked Oregon in a close matchup.

6. (4-3) The Cowboys make the biggest jump by defeating Colorado in their only game of the week.

7. (6-4) Somebody had to take this spot and since their loss was only by a few points and their win was convincing they move up here.

8. (5-4) They also were one of many teams who went 1-1 by defeating a mediocre Denver team and then loss to a mid level Big 10 team in Minnesota.

9. (6-5)The Falcons lost to Northern Illinois who got their second win on the year by defeating Air Force.  Air Force are only 1-3 on the road and that might be their downfall on the year.


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