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Rodney Ferguson Suspended

That is right just recently reported on ESPN that RB Rodney Ferguson and RB Mike Love are both ruled academically ineligible and can not play in the New Mexico Bowl. This is a big blow to New Mexico because Ferguson accounts for 74% of the Lobos rushing yards on the year, and his replacement will be Junior Paul Baker who rushed for 298 yards and zero touchdowns.  This may not change the game plan as coach Rocky Long claims but Baker is not near the talent that Ferguson is and this gives a big edge to Nevada.  However New Mexico still has a potent air attack with QB Donovan Porterie, WR’s Travis Brown and Marcus Smith who have combined for 2000 yards receiving and 8 TD’s, so the Lobos still have offense but they will be hurting offensively.

Also these two players are both Juniors but can regain eligibility for next year if they get their grades up, but in my opinion Rodney Ferguson is going to make himself eligible for the NFL draft.  Ferguson is good enough to get drafted as a second day pick, especially with the weak Senior class that is running backs this year that could change depending on the Juniors but if he declares Ferguson should be drafted.


3 Responses

  1. Darren McFadden announced on Monday that he will forgo his senior season at Arkansas to enter the 2008 NFL draft.

    Great Choice, its funny how his dad was saying he wouldnt be entering the draft to everyone..

    Classic PR BS…….

    Good Luck DM… hope you crush them in the NFL.

  2. I heard that Rodney Ferguson is going to declare today for the NFL Draft, anyone hear anything?

  3. I have not heart that but I did speculate that he would declare then rather then try to get his grades up and hope he can play next fall. I feel he is NFL ready but have not heard anything on this

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