Week 6 Basketball Power Rankings

1. #21 (10-2)They win their only game against Southern Utah and extended the nations longest home win streak to 38 games.

2.(8-3) The Rebels played #19th ranked University of Arizona to the wire at home but lost by 3 points, they also defeated Navy early in the week.

3. (9-3) The Aztecs also played U of A but this was a road loss by 14.

4. (7-3) The Utes beat Cal on the road over the weekend and had their best victory under new coach Jim Boylen. We will see if the Utes can keep this up.

5. (11-2) The team defeated New Mexico State in their home and home matchup this year, the only reason the Lobos fall is because the Utes had a better win this week.

6. (7-3) TCU did have a good win by defeating previously unbeaten University of Texas at Arlington and also defeating Prairie View A&M.

7. (8-4) They drop down for scheduling Colorado Christian College a non division one school.

8. (5-5) The Cowboys went 1-1 this week in a back to back games at a tournament in UTEP.  They defeated Buffalo but lost a close one to UTEP.

9. (5-7) They go 0-2 and almost defeat Colorado, but 0-2 is 0-2.


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