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Week 8 Basketball Power Rankings

1.(12-3) The Rebels are 2-0 by defeating a Minnesota team that had only 2 losses on the year, and then the Rebels squeaked by Colorado State to start of 1-0 in conference play.
2. (11-3)The only game they played was a crushing defeat over LMU, and the Cougars get one last chance to impress nationally when they play Wake Forest next week.
3. (11-3) In their lone game they defeated TCU quite easily and are now 1-0 in conference play.

4. (14-2) New Mexico went 2-0 with two tough road wins over UTEP and Wyoming this past week.
5. (9-4) The Utes went 1-1 losing a close game to Gonzaga on New Years Eve in Spokane, but then redeeming themselves by beating Air Force at their game in their conference opener.
6. (6-7) They gave new Mexico a tough game at home in their conference opener, but they did defeat Chadron State for their lone win of the week.
7. (8-6) TCU went 0-2 this past week, and they move up because they played Texas and SDSU on the road in close games.
8. (8-6) They go 0-2 losing badly to Wake Forest and Utah.
9. (6-8) They defeated some random school Western States by 40 and they are not division one.

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