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The Mtn. is on DirecTv!!

That’s right The Mtn. will be on DirecTv and there have been reports in San Diego Union Tribune and in the Salt Lake Tribune who have confirmed this.

Both report different starting dates such as August 1 that is reported in the Salt Lake Tribune and then the San Diego Union Tribune reports September 1 as the latest launch date. The official announcement from the conference is to take plae in a few days, and as of now there is no information of what level the station will be on. If The Mtn. were to have the same coverage as the Big 10 Network which is on the most basic level of DirecTV that would be the best case scenario, but in my opinion that is not going to happen because News Corp that owns the majority stake in DirecTV also owns 51% of The Big 10 Network.

The cost for the channel has been rumored at 15 cents which is more then before when there was speculation that the conference should accept a deal even if it was well under ten cents per subscriber. So who knows if the channel will be included on a package that does not require to purchase the sports pack.

IF the deal is done right for the local fans the The Mtn. would be added to the basic package for subscribers in the region where the schools are, such as the Fox Sports Regional channels and.

Prior to the deal The Mtn. was only in 1.2 million households by adding DirecTv who had an estimated 16 million subscribers will significantly increase the conferences coverage nationally.

Now the league needs to get Dish Network on board and perhaps even other cable companies.


3 Responses

  1. I’m so stoked for the mtn. to finally be on DirecTV it’s gonna be awesome finally seeing the Cougs on a night to night basis and the entire conference for that matter. Finally Hair Thompson you got something done!

    Mitch Harper

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  3. […] in the regions of the conference, the deal is not as available as originally thought, when this was originally announced. They do get major cities as Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Denver, but not sure what parts of San Diego and […]

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