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02/27/2008 MWC Basketball Preview


Moby Arnea 6:30PM MT TV:

This is the TV game for tonight? Wow! I have a post later about a response from someone who emailed The Mtn. about what games are shown. This is the last best chance for Colorado State to get a conference win. The game is at home and it is against a rival. To be honest who cares who wins this game, these two will play again in the 8/9 game in the conference play in game. Wyoming should win this game because they have better overall talent, but it will be close.

(15-10) (13-12)

Daniel-Meyer Auditorium 7PM CT TV:NONE

This the game that should be on The Mtn, but I guess since the channel is not available in Fort Worth I can see why. This game is crucial for Utah to stay in the race for a potential NIT bid. Do not figure this to be a gimme for Utah, because they play poorly on the road and TCU is a pretty good team when at home. TCU runs their press defense to get teams out of sync and this possibly good hurt the Utes. Utah needs to break the press early to get easy baskets to get a large lead to secure the win. Utes should take care of business on the road tonight.


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