Previewing TCU’s Opponents: Oklahoma Sooners

17-10 that was the score when TCU stunned then number seven Oklahoma in Norman, so do not expect head coach Bob Stoops to underestimate the Horned Frogs. Oklahoma all ready has had some turmoil this season by removing star recruit Josh Jarboe off of the team for posting a you tube video of him rapping about gun use and this happened after Jarobe was sentenced in May to two years’ probation and 80 hours of community service for carrying a gun on the grounds of his high school in Decatur, Ga. That is a tough loss for Oklahoma but they have enough depth to not affect the team this year. The Sooners are looking to make it to the BCS title game in Miami this year and the less distractions the better.

Offense: The offense returns eight starters, and they will be lead by Sophomore Sam Bradford who was a question mark last year as a redshirt Freshman who had an amazing season. If Bradford can build upon last years 3,121 passing yards and 36 touchdowns the Sooners have a very good chance to make it to their 4th BCS title game under Stoops. The only concern with quarterback play is the depth, going to back to last years game against Texas Tech Bradford suffered a concession and left the game and backup Joey Halzle who was unable to lead the team to victory in the three point loss. Bradford is the key for this high scoring offense if they want to win the Big XII and more.

DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown are expected to share the spot this fall and will attmept to replace 1,000 yard rusher Patrick Allen. Both are capable of replacing Allen, well because Oklahoma nearly always has someone able to replace a player after they leave. With two backs who are essentially equal in talent, as far as everyone knows, the Sooner running game could be stronger with two great backs. The third back in the system will be Mossis Madu who most likely will get only 3-6 carries a game barring injury.

Malcolm Kelly did leave early for the NFL, but Senior Juaquin Iglesias was the player who led the Sooners in receiving last fall with 68 catches for 907 yards, doubling his output from his first two seasons and turning into Bradford’s go-to guy. Expect for a lot of Bradford to Iglesias touchdown passes this upcoming season. Other wide outs to look out for are Ryan Broyles has the skills to turn a short catch into a big gain, and emerged out of the pack in the spring in the slot in three-wide sets.

Other possibilities to get time are Junior Adron Tennell senior Quentin Chaney and junior Brandon Caleb are other possibilities at wide receiver, but all three have suffered from either injuries or little production when getting playing time.

Defense: The defensive line was looking to be a liablity coming into this year with Senior John Williams and junior Auston English who did not participate in spring practice as they recovered from injuries. If these two can come back into full strength then the defensive line could be the best part of their defense.

The linebackers took the biggest hit with graduation and early declarations for the NFL draft. The best thing the coaches say is “they have a terrific attitude, they have a great approach and are a selfless group of guys.

Other wise code for not good, well at least by Oklahoma standards, and this is an area teams could take advantage of if they do it right.

In the secondary the Sooners have talent it just depends on who plays where. It all depends on Lendy Holmes who is always making plays near the ball, so once his spot is determined the rest of the secondary should fall into place. The corners will be green with both starters from last year gone, so look for Sophomore Dominque Franks and junior Brian Jackson to get their first starting roles. These two have the speed to make up for their inexperience in getting to the ball.

Early Prediction: Coach Stoops will not allow his team to take TCU lightly, and will remind them of the lost they suffered in 2005. TCU is good, but not this good this time expect the Horned Frogs to hang around for a half similar to how they played Texas last year, but ultimately falling by 14 or more points.


7 Responses

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  2. Despite returning 8 starters, I doubt the OU offense will be as good as it was last year. Even by the end of the season, it was less efficient than it had been at the beginning, and Kelly and Allen will be harder to replace than most people realize (I loved watching PA run despite hating most everything else about Stoops and Co.). I agree that this game could be a 14+ point win for the Sooners, but I wouldn’t be shocked for a better than predicted Horned Frogs to represent the old SWC well (where the old SWC teams in the Big 12 South have failed recently) and win this game.

  3. If I were OU, I wouldn’t worry too much about little ole TCU who is a non BCS mid major program who can’t hold there own with the mighty Big 12. The TCU players were not recruited by OU and do not (contrary to popular belief) put their pants on one leg at a time the same as OU players do. Their pants are smaller and they have to have help. They generally sit down and have someone else help them pull both legs on at once. OU should probably not be concerned about TCU and should look ahead to the big game with UT in Dallas.

  4. I think TCU beat OU the last two times they played them in Norman, and don’t they have a record of something like 10-2 over Big 12 teams?
    Yeah, I would not worry about TCU…Go ahead and look past them, won’t bother me any. Go ahead Yap, Yap, Yap.

  5. As a proud TCU alum, do not count out the Frogs. All you need to look at is the 17-10 win and the shock that resounded after it. We may not be the favorite by a long shot, but don’t think for a second OU can stand against the heart and pride those guys will play with. As Coach Patterson once said, it’s time for TCU to stop being looked at as the red-headed step child in FW and Texas. But hey, they’ll just use that lack of respect as motivation just like they did the last time. One of these days OU and it’s annoying fans will get over themselves…..RIFF RAM GO FROGS!!

  6. No. 1 ranked Defense. 10-2 against Big 12. Owned OU the last two times around. Last team to beat OU in Norman. 4-0 while outscoring opponents 172- 31 this season. I’d say our offense is in tact. Look for me at the 40-yd line! Bummer Sooner!!

  7. I’m sorry did I just hear something croak?

    Isn’t that what frogs do?

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