Week 5 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

This week is difficult to rank with many teams losing and good teams on byes.

1.#7 (4-0) Great week for BYU to be off as they avoid the upsets and move into the top 10.

2. #15 (5-0) The Utes had a mediocre win over FCS Weber State, but still moved up in the polls.

3.(4-1) TCU was demolished by Oklahoma, but they stay at three because no one did enough to move them out of this spot.  Plus I feel they are still better then Air Force

4. (3-1) Air Force was off this week, they play Navy at home this week.

5. (3-21) The Rebels are improved, but they could not win their third straight game.   The passing game looks good, but for their spread to work they need a more consistent running game.

6. (2-3) They pulled out a good win against rival New Mexico State, and did so with new players stepping up.  Quarterback play is still a concern with Donovan Porterie out for the year.

7 (2-1) The Rams were crushed by Cal on the road.  They need to develop a decent passing game, and a defense to be competitive.

8 (1-3) Aztecs get their first win on the year by pounding Idaho at home, but still not a good team.

9. (2-3) No quarterback equals no success this year.  Calling it now in week 5 Joe Glenn is out unless they make it to a bowl game.


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  1. Since you very likely didn’t watch the Utes play Weber (since It was not televised) I’ll just tell you the Utes dominated. Utah played 2nd & 3rd string kids in the 4th and didn’t want to run up the score on their former coach.

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