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TCU travels to Utah for big matchup

#12 (9-1)#8(9-0)

Rice Eccles Stadium 6PM MT TV:CBS College Sports CSTV PPV

This video below is from Utah’s press conference and Coach Kyle Whittingham talking about the TCU game and is trying to move beyond the Black Out for Thursday.

Here is a picture from NCAA 09 of these alternate unis

This Black Out thing is just some gimmick for Under Amour to sell more gear, but the unis should look cool, but some fans in the area are in fear of the game turning out to be a musical of the song Taps, the funeral march just like what happened to Georgia a few weeks back.

On to the game preview, this game is an elimination game for which team gets the leg up for a BCS game.  TCU if they win have the easier schedule with only Air Force left on the schedule, while if Utah wins they still have to play BYU for the Holy War in two and a half weeks.

Both schools have a solid defense which makes the public to think this game will be a close game because neither offense may not be able to do too much, so it could come down to who can sustain a long drive or have the big home run play to set the tone.

The Ute running game as always will use their same primary player, but the man who will make the difference will be running back Matt Asiata who is a bruiser and can wear down the TCU front line, or Brent Castell on an end around because he is most likely the only Ute who has the speed around the edges.

Quarterback Brian Johnson will also need to have quick plays to avoid the pressure from the TCU front line.  If offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig can call plays that are quick slants and short routes and let the Ute receivers make the plays.

TCU will need to do the same, currently quarterback Andy Dalton has been on fire since his injury and TCU has some players at the wide receiver position to go along with the running game with Aaron Brown and Joseph Turner.

The Ute defensive line is very tough and lead by Paul Kruger who has 14 tackles for loss on the year which include 6.5 sacks, and he is a force.  Running counter and misdirection will have little success for either side since both defenses are disciplined.

Turnovers will be a key as well to see who can get a short field to get some quick points.  Also, field position will be a factor and the Utes have Louie Sakoda who is a punter and kicker who can get field position and make the distance field goals, and once again he could be the player that puts Utah over the edge.

Final Score: Utah 17 TCU 13


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