How good would a college football playoff be?

Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo Sports outlines what a 16 team playoff would look like this year. I am a huge proponent of a playoff, partly because I like the MWC and that the post season would be awesome. The concept is not hard maybe cut the regular season to 11 games and leagues that have championship games are done by the last weekend in November or first weekend in December. Then play the first two rounds take two weeks off and have the semis on New Years Day and the title a week later.

The NCAA would need to take control of football since right now the BCS owns the post season for football. Make first round game home games and then use bowls for the round of 8 and beyond, which would be seven bowl locations. The rest of the bowls could be used for rewards for teams who do not make this playoffs.

Just look at the potential matchups, Texas Tech-Ohio State, Utah-TCU rematch, Tulsa high powered offense against Oklahoma, and that is just the first round.

I guess in the mean time we have to play for a Mythical National Champion, but we can dream?


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4 Responses

  1. Oh man, a Utah/TCU rematch!!!??? That I would like to see!!

  2. Nice graphic but the tradition of the bowls would be thrown out the window with a 16 team play-off.

    • Who cares about tradition, I want good games. Just look at this years Orange Bowl they get their tradition witn an ACC team, and they are forced to pick the Big East Champ since they get an auto bid. That tradition sucks, give me good games.

  3. Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.

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