Sugar Bowl at the half: Utah 21 Alabama 10

WOW! Utah comes out and knocks around the supposedly more physical Alabama.  The Crimson Tide give up only 13 points per game and gave up 14 in half of the first quarter.  The Utes used a no huddle to drive down with ease with Brent Casteel scoring the first touchdown, and then on drive two Utah did the same with a Matt Asiata score.

Then Brandon Godfrey got a score from a touchdown pass which made it 21-3.  The Utes were able to apply pressure and had four sacks and a pick in the first half.  All year Alabama only trailed 45 minutes and in this game so far have trailed for 30 minutes.

After the Utes scored Alabama had a field goal and a punt return for  a touchdown to make the game close, and it seems that Alabama made some adjustments to slow dowon Utah. 

As for Barry Switzer who said no players on this Utha team would be recrutied by Alabama, was a huge slap in the face to the Ute players and the fans watching. 

We will see if Utah can keep this up in the second half.


3 Responses

  1. Perhaps Barry Switzer will put a sock in his mouth the next time he considers making a statement like the one about Alabama wouldn’t have wanted any of the players that Utah signed.

  2. I still think #10 should have gotten the MVP…Brian Johnson was good, but that defender was in on almost all defensive stops. Is he a JR?

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