Austin Collie Reaction

As reported here first Thursday night, well over two hours then any other media outlet, s0 now the reactions began during the day on Friday.  The loss of Austin Collie who is the best wide receiver in BYU history might actually make the Cougars better next season. 

 Yes, that was just said and the reasoning is that Max Hall would stare down Collie and force the ball to him when others were open.  Now, with Collie gone this will force BYU’s offense to be more creative and spread the ball around.

They could just look down the road to the University of Utah who spreads the ball to the open man, and a good example is on the Utes first drive against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl quarterback Brian Johnson threw to five different receivers en route to their first score.

The only downside to Austin Collie leaving is that BYU will not have the dual threat of McKay Jacobson to play along side Collie.  Jacobson was a star recruit from South Lake High School in Texas, which has been the dominant program for the past ten years in the state.  Having the two together would have made it very difficult for teams to double any receiver, because BYU also has Denis Pita and David Reed as well.  Jacobson would have been the Cougars speed guy with  4 .4 speed, and as a freshman Jacobson averaged 19 yards per catch.

Here is some audio regarding Austin Collie turning pro

Bronco  Mendenhall  

Austin Collie

AD Tom Holmoe

Austin Collie w/media

Provided by 1320 KFAN

Provided by 1280 The Zone

Austin Collie

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  1. Hey Austin…the Sacramento Bee just published a story on the 49ers intentions for prospects coming out this year…seems the class is heaviest in wide receivers and offensive tackles…now this is your hometown newspaper and the nearest pro team to your home here, and your name isn’t even in the article. Any ideas as to what that might mean?? maybe it’s not too late to rescind and really show what you’re made of…you know, like all these SENIOR CLASS PLAYERS did…the ones the teams are really looking at. The ones who played out their college eligibility and came to their full fruition as college players and will now go on as people who can be relied upon by their teammates?? Waste all the good you could do at BYU and all you might learn from playing your senior year, not to mention the camaraderie and fun?Why waste what is a virtually sure thing for an iffy proposition at best…one most likely to leave you watching football on TV next season, saying “I wish…”

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