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BYU Football is Creating Soft Players

The spring game is canceled and coach Bronco Mendenhall seems indifferent because he can save players from injury, but now Mendenhall is going to a new extra to protect players. With two injuries so far this spring camp the coaching staff has decided to on Tuesday to cut their scrimmage short, and to limit future scrimmages to three ‘situational’ possessions. Here is what Coach Mendenhall had to say on the new practice plan:

“We are on the verge of having a few bumps and bruises that might have players be held out of practice, so we reduced the practice structure overall, and we kind of reduced the game situation to just three drives.”

Coaches all want to reduce injuries to keep players healthy, but THIS IS SPRING FOOTBALL. Now, teams should not go full pads and full on 90 minute scrimmages, but hitting should be encouraged.

Even with the injury to Vic So’oto who re-fractured his foot and is out for twelve weeks, he will be back for summer conditioning. Coach Mendenhall needs to loosen things up and let players hit more and scrimmage more. How is he to find out what offensive lineman will be like or who will help build up a poor secondary. What wait for the first game? Oh wait! that first game will be against a top 5 Oklahoma team with returning Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford and it will be played in the new Texas Stadium with at least an 85% percent pro-Oklahoma crowd.

Fall camp will be limited to a few strong scrimmages and of course limited pads. Last year BYU was hardly in pads and that hurt because they played a soft schedule and was not tested until the TCU game. One would think that the staff would have learned from doing that last year.

If BYU wants to be comfortable with contending for conference titles and being a solid program, but not a great program then keep on making the players soft by not allowing pads or full contact for more then a limited time. Game time is not the time to hit the pads and be in full contact, that is what I though practice was for.

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10 Responses

  1. Great Stuff.. keep up the great stuff.
    Kim Cidy

  2. What a horrible article. No research at all. So’oto didn’t break his leg. He broke a bone in his foot. Did you know that the field at the stadium is being redone? Give me a break. Do so research before opening your pie hole.

  3. Yes Shawn I did know the field was being redone, which is the reason the spring game was canceled. Not everyone knows that.

  4. Too many players getting banged up = lack of depth. Shawn is testy because after Utah’s season he knows byu will never reach that level.

  5. LOL! Nice meltdown Jeremy. Whether So’oto broke his foot or leg is beside the point. The fact is one significant injury during spring ball is not unusual, quite the opposite actually. And yes, everyone knows the spring game could not be held in the stadium. That’s not a very good excuse for not having the game. There’s plenty of grass in provo where they could have had the game. You’re really grasping for any excuse you can get for this soft team.

  6. Oops, I mean nice meltdown Shawn, not Jeremy. Way to go Shawn.

  7. I think more importantly than the spring game is the lowerr level of preparation the players are getting by not wearing pads. Pads add weight and if you are not getting used to the weight durring practice you get tired in the game. It can also contribute to increased game-time injuries. Is there no one who will tell Bronco he is making a mistake? Being mentally prepared for a physical game will not compensate for the lack of physical preparation. I really think this will hurt the team in more aspects than just wins and losses. Players want to go to a school that will prepare them for careers and this is not the way the pros do it . Treat these guys like football players and let them be agressive and hit somebody.

  8. Ask the 84′ national champs if its ok to practice without pads. According to Holmoe, they didn’t wear pads in practice DURING the season.
    Ok, having said that, I would like to see more hitting and more realistic game-time situations in practice.

  9. Jeremy J, that may be the case but you are right they need to do some hitting. In season is one thing you need to keep players fresh and injury free, but spring should be a time for live action.

    If there is an injury unless it is an ACL or a bad broken leg or foot any injury will be healed by August

  10. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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