NFL Draft Rookie Free Agent Signings

Now comes the part of the draft where certain players can somewhat choose where to play instead of being drafted.  This sometimes can work better for undrafted players, because they can try to go to a team where there is a good chance of them making the team.  Also, listed will be players who have been invited to mini-camps this week.

These signings are as of April 27th and new players could be signed later.

Travis Bright     OL    Dallas Cowboys
Ray Feinga        OL    St. Louis Rams
Daivd Oswald      OL    St. Louis Rams
David Nixon       LB    Oakland Raiders
Dallas Reynolds   OL    Philadelphia Eagles

Colorado State
Billy Farris     QB    Cincinnati Bengals
Kyle Bell        RB    Jacksonville Jaguars
Kory Sperry      TE    San Diego Chargers

New Mexico
Rodney Ferguson  RB    Tennessee Titans 

Johan Asiata     OG    Chicago Bears

Brent Casteel    WR   Cleveland Browns
Louie Sakoda     P/K  San Diego Chargers (invited to mini-camp)
Brian Johnson    QB   Green Bay Packers  
Brandon Godfrey  WR   Buffalo Bills (invited to mini-camp)

Devin Moore      RB Seattle Seahawks
Wynel Seldon     RB Washington Redskins
Kyle Howard      OL San Francisco 49ers
Mike Juergens   LB  Carolina Panthers

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