Making the Rounds: More Anti-BCS Talk

Matt Hinton, Yahoo Sports Dr. Saturday: The hearings on Capitol Hill took place to discuss the validity of the BCS, and whether it is violating anti-trust laws.  In attendance was Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson, current BCS coordinator and ACC commissioner John Swafford, Texas  Rep. Gene Green, and Energy and Commerce committee is Rep. Joe Barton’s who proposed the anti-BCS bill.

“How many years do we need to go undefeated before we get a chance?” Re-emphasizes the imbalance in revenue and in voting representation — “65 schools get six votes, 51 schools get one vote, and one school gets one vote.”

“It’s probably better than a 50 percent chance that if we don’t see some action in the next two months of a voluntary switch to a playoff,” warned Barton, “you’ll see this bill.”

Austin Ward, Casper Star-Tribune: Senior or experienced quarterbacks is what teams need to be successful and the Mountain West is looking for any type of quarterback.  Air Force, Colorado State, San Diego State, Utah, and New Mexico either have a new quarterback or are in a new system.

More than half the league is holding auditions of some sort under center that will spill over into the fall, and the theories on handling them vary in nearly every situation.

That is over half the league, at Air Force academics are an issue to see if Tim Jefferson will hold onto his starting spot, Colorado State and Utah lost players to graduation. While Wyoming, San Diego State, and New Mexico all have new systems to learn and even with experienced quarterbacks they most likely struggle some.

Ryan Greene, The Las Vegas Sun: UNLV just wrapped up their spring practice, and still there are many positions up for grabs most specifically the running back and defensive backs.

In breaking down where his [Mike Sanford] roster stands at the conclusion of five weeks of spring practice, most of the confusion resides in two spots — running back and the secondary.

Running back is a  need to be replaced because Frank Summers is now in the NFL, and as for the secondary the reason is because nearly half the league now runs a spread offense with BYU,  Utah, San Diego State, and Wyoming.

Mike McGrane, San Diego Union Tribune: The Aztecs have no decision made at running back and with only a few days left in spring drills there has not been a decision.  There are three current Aztecs with a shot at the starting gig first is junior Davon Brown, Junior Brandon Sullivan, and then Senior Atiyyah Henderson.

There could be two wildcards who are not even on campus yet, and these 2009 freshman are Anthony Miller and La Ronnie Hillman both were offered by larger schools.  These two will definitely be in the mix during fall camp to try to make the depth chart.

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3 Responses

  1. I just hope that congress doesn’t swap out the current BCS bullsh** with some other bullsh**

    What we need is a legit 8 team playoff. Sure, there will always be teams on the cusp of getting in complaining, but that’s the only way to know for sure if one team is better than another.

    All of this coaches poll, computer poll, etc is idiotic and purely motivated by money.

  2. Totally agree with you, I would like at worst a 12 team, but a 16 would be my pref with every conference winner getting in.

  3. The BCS is a bunch of bull…. It is a way for the NCAA to make as much money as possible… There are too many bowl games bring it to a playoff and see how much more attention and money they get

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