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BCS Hearings Are Upon Us

So, it looks like there will be at least one more post, besides this, regarding the BCS and congress getting involved with allegations that they BCS is violating anti-trust laws.

The congressional hearings are where we stand as this six month parade has been marching from Utah all the way to capitol hill and today is the day to try to knock the BCS off their pedestal.

This ordeal has gone all the way back to the day after that Utah smoked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, with Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson proposing a playoff, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch threatening anti-trust.

Then there is Air Force’s Troy Calhoun calling the BCS the old Soviet Union,  Utah Attorney Genral Mark Shurtleff pretending to care about the BCS, and then most recently an interview with Harvey Perlman who threatens to turn around this car.

The hearings begin tomorrow at 2:30 PM EDT and currently the only place to watch a webcast of the hearings is at the Senate Judiciary website, no word if one of the C-Span channels will carry it.

Now to who will be appearing in this three ring circus; first up will be  Utah President Michael Young then Harvey Perlman, chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and leader of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee; antitrust lawyer William Monts III, who has said the BCS does not violate antitrust laws; and antitrust lawyer Barry Brett.

Then there is John Swofford who is the current BCS Commissioner and is the Commissioner of the ACC.  Swfford is a piece of work and this quote from an interview with Real Clear Sports is priceless:

“Financial reasons are a factor to a degree—probably more of a factor to some than to others.

In and of itself, a playoff of some type would generate more money than the current BCS.  But what would be the effect on the regular season?  What about the effect on the other bowls?  But the BCS is certainly healthy financially and has been from the beginning.”

So, the BCS is really only about money WOW! That is a shocker to just about no one.  Integrity of the regular season HA! it is all ready a mess with teams scheduling two FCS teams, and are in the hunt for the BCS title.

“The BCS is voluntary.  If a conference decided it did not want to be a part of the BCS there is certainly no requirement that it do so. Obviously if certain conferences said they were not going to be a part of it, that could be a factor in its continuation–depending on which conferences, that is.”
Voluntary? If you want to get technical then yes, but not really and it is obvious he is referring to the Mountain West not signing the deal.
The real tragedy is if for some reason a BCS league does not sign a future agreement, and good money is being placed within the traditionalist league with the Pac-10 and Big 10.  Those two wish to preserve their sacred Rose Bowl game, and if they really wanted would rather not be in the BCS.

Most will say these hearing are a waste of time, but there are many other issues that affect far less people.  Or, if one is an optimist this could be a chance for Orrin Hatch and company to peel away the onion layers of what the BCS really is all about.

Think about it, the BCS is always on the defensive and goes back to their great escape clause, “Well it is better then before” unless you are Harvey Perlman.

I would expect, or at worst hope, that the questions are not soft toss, and the committee can make this BCS gang look as silly as they did during the steroid hearings.

If I had the option of asking the first question it would be:  “How come your system is so much better in determining a national champion then every other sport in the NCAA which has a playoff.”

See that question is hard to answer without going back to the ‘well at least it is not the old system and puts number one against number two. ‘  That number one versus number two is subjective and often up for debate.

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If you like what you read be lazy and Subscribe to The Mountain West Conference Connection by Email or in your Feeder or follow us on Twitter.

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  1. […] the relatively stagnant except when a non-BCS team gets into a BCS bowl game.  With the recent Congress hearings with the BCSthe ‘defense’ was that since the inception of the BCS it has given more access and money […]

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