The Revenue Disparity is Bigger then You Think

The Orlando Sentinel is running a series on the “Tough times: College sports and the economy.” It is a very good read so far, and in their college football blog  there is post today — a must read for any college fan — about the revenue each FBS school took in from 2008.

The total for the MWC was $276,800,202 a quarter of a billion dollars is not bad, but the top three schools alone are over $340 million.  The MWC teams are listed in bold, and a few things surprised me.

First is that TCU was highest MWC and non-BCS school on the list and by a good margin.  The biggest surprise was that Utah ranked 7th in revenue for the timeframe.

There is no surprise that the BCS schools make more money but the amount is staggering, just look at the bottom of the list with Louisana-Monroe who pulled in less then seven million!

This makes what any non-BCS school accomplish seem to be even greater then we thought.  Just look at Utah they defeated Alabama who took in $88 million which is more then three times what Utah brought in last year who was just under $27 million.

The list is after the jump.

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Making The Rounds: Media Audio Version Day Two

Here is audio from day two of the Mountain West Conference media days, again give a shout out to 1280 The Zone.

BYU DL Jan Jorgenson:

BYU TE Dennis Pitta and Andrew Rich:

TCU DE Jerry Huges:

Colorado State Head Coach Steve Fairchild:

UNLV Head Coach Mike Sanford:

Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christenson:

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TCU Projected to win the Mountain West in 2009

TCU is picked to win the Mountain West for the 2009 year. Mountain West Conference preseason football poll and it is not as close as I would have thought.  TCU is a runaway favorite, which is a surprise because of the number of first place votes they received.  Besides that there is nothing too shocking, just remember it was here that you read it that UNLV is the darkhorse to screw things up.
2009 Mountain West Conference Football Preseason Poll
Rk. Team (first place votes) Points
1. TCU (15) 207
2. BYU (6) 190
3. Utah (3) 179
4. Air Force 130
5. UNLV 108
6. Colorado State 107
7. New Mexico 60
8. San Diego State 53
9. Wyoming 46

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2009 Media Preseason All-Conference Team

The 2009 preseason all-conference teams were announced earlier today.  There were only three unanimous decisions with Utah’s LB Stevenson Sylvester, TCU’s DE Jerry Hughes, and BYU’s TE Denis Pitta.

Somewhat odd that BYU QB Max Hall was not a unanimous choice and the only other options would be Andy Dalton from TCU, but that seems far fetched as Hall’s 2008 numbers dwarfed Dalton’s.

The only quasi selection comes from San Diego State in wide receiver Vincent Brown, because most of his yards came from the Aztecs trailing and having to throw the ball to catch up.

Besides that nothing to shocking here; TCU leads the way with seven total selections, BYU with five, and Utah also with five.

2009 Preseason All-Mountain West Football Team
QB Max Hall** Sr. BYU
WR Ryan Wolfe* Sr. UNLV
WR Rashaun Greer** Sr. Colorado State
WR Vincent Brown Jr. San Diego State
RB Harvey Unga** Jr. BYU
RB Matt Asiata Sr. Utah
OL Zane Beadles* Sr. Utah
OL Nick Charles** Sr. Air Force
OL Shelley Smith** Sr. Colorado State
OL Erik Cook** Sr. New Mexico
OL Marshall Newhouse** Sr. TCU
TE Dennis Pitta*# Sr. BYU
Note: Three wide receivers were selected due to a tie in the voting.
DL Jan Jorgensen* Sr. BYU
DL Jerry Hughes*# Sr. TCU
DL John Fletcher** Sr. Wyoming
DL Koa Misi** Sr. Utah
LB Daryl Washington Sr. TCU
LB Jason Beauchamp** Sr. UNLV
LB Stevenson Sylvester**# Sr. Utah
DB Chris Thomas** Sr. Air Force
DB Rafael Priest** Sr. TCU
DB Nick Sanders Sr. TCU
DB Robert Johnson Sr. Utah
P Anson Kelton So. TCU
PK Mitch Payne Jr. BYU
Ret. Jeremy Kerley* Jr. TCU
Offensive Player of the Year:
Max Hall, Sr., QB, BYU
Defensive Player of the Year:
Jerry Hughes, Sr., DL, TCU
Special Teams Player of the Year:
Jeremy Kerley, Jr., KR/PR, TCU
Freshman of the Year:
Ed Wesley, RB, TCU
# – unanimous 2009 preseason selection.
* – member of the 2008 All-Mountain West Conference first-team.
** – member of the 2008 All-Mountain West Conference second-team.

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Stat Work: Very Early Lines

Football czar Phil Steele has posted the very early lines for big games in college football.   There is one discrepency from the Golden Nugger which is where Phil Steele got the info, and it is that they list the Colorado verse Colorado State game is listed to be played in Denver.  However, that game is being played in Boulder that is the home of Colorado.

Bold teams are the home teams

Colorado minus 13 -Colorado State   Have to take Colorado State this game has been close the past three years this one is in Boulder so that could make a difference.

Oklahoma minus 21 BYU   @ Arlington  This is tough but have to go with Oklahoma since last year they were able to score 35 against TCU last year.  I would go with Oklahoma to cover.

Oregon State minus 14 UNLV  This an interesing because UNLV should be better from last years team, and while the Rebels are at home they still may not win.  Oregon State plays poorly in the early part of the season, so in this early pick take UNLV

Utah – Oregon minus 7.5 Even though this is in Eugune 7.5 points seems like a lot, especially for a team that has a new head coach in Chip Kelly taking over.  Also, Oregon had numerous transfers, but the Ute QB should be settled and go with Utah.

Florida State- BYU minus 3 BYU rarely looses at home and FSU is pretty good but not like they were in the mid-nineties, so go with BYU.

Hawai’i-UNLV minus 7 Interesting matchup and this is a high scoring game, but I would take Hawai’i to cover because UNLV has a need for defense and Ilsanders can really put up points.

UNLV-Nevada minus 7 Interesting for Nevada to be favored, but in the Wolfpacks defense they return nearly everone on offense.  Take UNLV because both teams can score and it will back and forth and be close.

UNLV-BYU minus 13 Last year this game came down to the wire, and UNLV should be better, so the early pick is UNLV.

San Diego State-BYU minus 17 Easy take the Cougars

UNLV-Utah minus 10 Now this game is interesting becasue UNLV should be better, and the Utes have a new quarterback.  The revenge factor will be in since the Utes last visit to Vegas was an embarassing 27-0 loss, so take the Utes to cover.

 Utah-BYU minus 6  This one may seem easy to pick Utah because if you do not include last years route the three previous came down to a final play,  so the early pick is Utah.

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2009 Mountain West Conference Media Days

Only one week away from 2009 media days! That means football is inching ever so closer to the September 3rd kick off.  The MWC is one of the few leagues to keep media days alive, and besides who does not love the cattle call of players and coaches being interviewed by the local media.

This is when the big awards and preseason media poll is put out, and with that happening July 21st and 22nd I will make my predictions for offensive and defensive player of the year and the preseason predictions.

With the team predictions readers will have to wait for another month for indepth previews, and it is possible the order will change if there are any injuries in camp.  As with the players of the year a top three list will be there and in order.

Offensive Player of the Year:

1. Max Hall, QB BYU Pretty obvious choice to put Hall in the top three, but the winner most likely will come down to the quarterback of the champ; well unless someone like Air Force’s Chad Hall from 2007 who put up monster numbers and won the award.

2. Andy Dalton, QB TCU Ditto for Dalton here, he may not put up huge numbers like Max Hall but he may put up numbers more along the lines of 2008 MWC offensive POY in Utah’s Brian Johnson just as long as TCU wins the league.  Dalton is athletic enough to get some rushing yards, but he needs to stay healthy to lead the team to a league title.

3. Omar Clayton, QB UNLV People may call me crazy but Clayton may be the darkhorse here.  Last year in nine games he did quite well and did a great job in almost leading his team past BYU.  He did have three games over 250 yards passing, a 9/2 touchdown to interception ratio.  Clayton was not asked to run a lot last year, but with running back Frank Summers gone to the NFL Clayton may need to run more.

Defensive Player of the Year:

1. Jerry Hughes, DE TCU: Last year he had 15 sacks, 19.5 tackles for loss, and two picks.  It might be hard to reproduce, but he is the best defensive player in the league is the favorite.

2. Robert Johnson, DB Utah: Johnson has a knack for fighting the ball and making defensive plays.  Last year he had four interceptions, three passes broken up, and then had 41 tackles with eight for a loss

3.Stevenson Sylvester, LB Utah: The last image of of Sylvester is his three sacks in the Sugar Bowl against Alabama.  Even beyond that Sylvester was making plays all year.  He had 73 tackles, eight for a loss, and 3.5 sacks; he will be a player that opposing coaches game plan for in 2009.

Order of Finish

Again, not too much detail will be given on each team until late August, where I may or may not change this order.

1. TCU- Their offense finally has moved closer to the defense, and that is what puts them over the edge.

2. Utah- Defense is the reason Utah is here, and if they get a stable quarterback play they should finish right here.

3. BYU– Defense is why BYU is here, mainly their secondary that was exposed last year.  The offense should be fine, and possible could be even great if the coaches are not predictable like last year.

4. UNLV– The Rebels are my extreme dark horse to win the title.  They have the quarterback play with Omar Clayton and the receiver in Ryan Wolfe, but a running back and a better defense needs to step up.

5. Air Force – If the Falcons can find a quarterback they should be ok.  Currently Tim Jefferson is working on academic issues, and Asher Clark is recovering from an injury and is swtiching to quarterback from running back.

6.  Colorado State- The Rams are replacing a quarterback,  top two running backs, tight end, plus their top two linebackers are not playing in 2009.  The good news is that their offensive line returns and they will be the strength of the team.

7. San Diego State- They have the quarterback in Ryan Lindley, but they need to avoid the injury bug and show up on defense to improve.

8. New Mexico- This could be low because Rocky Long did not leave the cupboard bare, but it always seems that the Lobos never meet their potential.

9. Wyoming- The spread offense that Dave Christenson is bring over from Missouri will take time to gel in Laramie.  The defense should help them keep games close, but unless the offense learns the system it will be a long year.

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Making the Rounds: More Recruiting

Brian Dohn, The Daily Breeze: Colorado State picked up a transfer from UCLA in running back Raymond Carter, this past week.  This is a big pick up for the Rams, just too bad it is not this year with the Rams losing their top two backs.

Out of high school Carter was a four star recruit by Rivals, and has three years left of eligibility once he sits out the 2009 season.  The reason for the transfer is because Carter suffered a season ending knee surgery in 2007, and then was buried on the depth chart.  A fresh start could be good for Carter.

Jay Drew, Salt Lake Tribune: BYU is losing another defensive player and this time it isi Bernard Afutiti who is academically ineligible.  Afutiti will still stay in school to work on his grades.

This is bad news because Russell Tialavea and Ian Dulan announced they are going on church missions. With these players leaving, there is a chance that Jan Jorgenson might play some nose tackle which will hurt his production, and the Cougar defense overall.

Salt Lake Tribune, Recruiting Blog: Utah picked up a recruit this past weekend in Brian Blechen who is at 6″ 3′ and 205, and has good speed at 4.6.  He would be recruited higher but had a hand injury during part of the 2008 season.

That is just the type of recruiting Utah does, they find players flying under the radar and a hand injury would scare some teams off.  Blechen has yet to be recruited by Rivals or Scout, but looks to be around a two to three star range. Early rankings have been established for the 2010 recruiting class, and BYU comes in at an astonishing twelth in the country.  That puts them ahead of recruiting powers as Notre Dame, USC, and Tennessee.

This all because of Jake Heaps, who is rated as the top QB prospect by Scout, and he brought in a slew of other four star recruits.  This is quite rare because the next highest is TCU who comes in at 50th and then Utah at 55th.

Odds are BYU will not finish at 12, but with the class half full for 2010, it is realistically possible for BYU to have perhaps a top 30 class.  Nothing is official with these commits are verbal, and other schools will still try to steal these guys away.

This is a great start for BYU in their goal to reach a BCS bowl game within the next few years.

Versus: Cool new show on Versus called FANARCHY basically it gives fans the chance to upload their own videos and rant about whatever in sports.  A timely topic that goes along with this site could be Utah’s Senator Orrin Hatch trying to have Congress intervene with by saying the BCS is breaking anti-trust laws.

These videos will be shown on the television show, and online at Versus.  The show is every Tuesday at 10:30 eastern, and this is just anothe rway for fans to get interactive with their favorite sports.

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