ESPN’s College Football Live Releases 2011 Pre-Season Poll

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Every year, ESPN is the first to announce their pre-season poll for the following year.  Well the final five teams were released today and we now have ESPN’s complete poll of “Experts” from within the organization. Here is the full poll:

Ranking Team
1 Oklahoma
2 Alabama
3 Oregon
5 Boise State
6 Florida State
7 Stanford
8 South Carolina
9 Oklahoma State
10 Ohio State
11 Texas A&M
12 Arkansas
13 Nebraska
14 Wisconsin
15 TCU
16 Michigan State
17 Notre Dame
18 Florida
19 Virginia Tech
20 Texas
21 Mississippi State
22 Missouri
23 Auburn
24 West Virginia
25 Arizona State

Although I am a MWC fan, I also have common sense and know that Stanford should have probably been ranked ahead of Boise State or Florida State. They return Andrew Luck, who turned down a guaranteed #1 overall draft pick to return to school. Boise State lost a lot of starters and ran into tons of injury problems over the spring.


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