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  1. We’re looking for a couple of team previews to finish our MWC season preview. I was curious if you would be interested in helping us out.

    Out Big 10 preview will give you an idea what we’re doing.

    Please let me know at if you’re interested in helping us out.

    Thank you,
    Chris Fry

    I apologize I couldn’t find a contact e-mail

  2. To whom this may concern,

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    It’s our goal to launch the next wave of online sports entertainment that’s innovative, simple, fun & cost effective to play!

    Give me a call if you’re interested in partnering with our company and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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    Jim DeGeorge
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  3. Hello,

    I own a new sports forum that is looking for college football fans! We have a whole section dedicated to the Mountain West, as well as other college conferences and teams, including a general NCAA Football board.

    We have forums for all of the major sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA) and are a small but growing community of sports fans.

    If you are interested, please check out the site at:

    If you like talking sports, The Playoff Push is the site for you!

  4. Hello, I’d like to find out about getting a link you your blog on our blog. Check us out at

  5. Curious? Is this connection only on Direct TV as I subscribe to Charter and in my calling Charter, they could not find a connection with your connection. Why, good people do you have a connection this will exclude people, a good TCU fan. Why would you have a contract that would not work in all the major carriers?
    Confused and curious. If this my oversight, please help the elderly (73) to the proper channel so I will stop fussing. If you want publicitiy why cut us out?
    Please let me know something and if the radio is my only contact with the 11/21/09 game, guess I will have to live with it. I haven’t started on John Denton at TCU yet but I will l later in the day, John is a lite riser!!!!

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