Podcast Appearance

Yesterday I appeared on In the Bleachers Podcast to discuss all things MWC ranging from who will win the league, a big name opponent for Utah in 2010, BCS talk, and expansion.  So, if you ever wanted to hear what I sound like go download the podcast.

While you are enjoying this great episode of In The Bleachers why not go ahead and subscribe to their weekly show and subscribe to their website for a great daily reading about college football.

Weekly audio

Here is audio from the Utes weekly presser

Mike Wright

Robert Johnson

Freddie Brown

Brian Johnson

Kyle Whittingham

Here is audio from the BYU weekly presser

Bronco Mendenhall

Max Hall

Dennis Pita

David Nixon

Utah Defensive Coordinator Gary Anderson on 1280 The Zone

KALL 700 Sports Audio

Utah OL Zayne Beatles

Utah Defensive Coordinator Gary Anderson

Podcast? What Podcast!

I was doing a podcast earlier in the year and is was doing pretty well with about 50 downloads per show, but I moved and had some equipment issues, BUT ITS BACK!! That is right I will be starting up the podcast here on The Mountain West Conference Connection.  The podcast will be primarily football and occasionally with basketball where I will have a non-conference review and conference preview, and then podcasts during tournament time.    The podcast will start again once the bowl games are announced where the first show will be an over view of the season as a whole with the top games and player awards, and then I will have a preview show for each bowl game then I will go into a weekly podcast that will be an individual team preview and then a recruiting show during signing day.  So that is the schedule for the Podcast so keep an eye out for the new show.  I will record the show sometime Sunday night so be prepared for more MWC news in audio form.

Holy War audio

Utah audio

Paul Kruger

Branden Godfrey

Darrell Mack

Steve Tate

Brian Johnson

Gary Anderson

Kyle Whittingham

BYU audio

Bronco Mendenhall

Manase Tonga

Sete Aulai

Harvey Unga

Brian Kehl

Max Hall

Austin Collie

The Holy War is upon us

People outside of Utah may not really know about this BYU-Utah rivalry but it is fierce. Living away from this rivalry I never thought it was as big as people said. I was near the University of Texas-Texas A&M rivalry which is pretty big itself, but the hatred and how personal the Holy War gets that rivalry while a great one is no where near this. To get everyone’s appetite wet I will start slow and build up each day with some type of post and state about the Holy War. Today I have audio from players from University of Utah at their weekly press conference.

Steve Tate

Martail Burnett

Derek Richards

Kyle Whittingham

Audio recap of BYU’s win over TCU

BYU proved too much for TCU by winning 27-22, and it was BYU’s defense that saved the day by forcing TCU to kick 3 field goals. A more in depth preview will be on Monday.

LB Brian Kehl on the win

PK David Nixon on the win

DL Kelly Popinga on the win